Our Vision

loyalty to the people.


Welcome to Riot Media! We are Eyren and Riley, two college kids with big dreams and an even bigger passion for igniting change. We are located in the small desert town of Tucson and are attending the University of Arizona. Eyren is enrolled in the Pre-Law program with a concentration in Immigration Policy and minoring in Spanish and American Indian Studies. Riley is double majoring in Political Science and Public Management and Policy with a minor in Finance and Urban and Regional Development. We both fall on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and have been organizing around queer related issues for a long time. We first met through reproductive justice work, had our first date at Pride, and have been involved in dozens of protest initiatives. It’s definitely safe to say that our relationship with each other has been embedded in grassroots activism and pride for our communities. Riot Media is our first solo venture into organizing and visibility efforts. It stemmed from our endless conversations about growing up queer, confused, and severely underrepresented, as well as our deep desire to make sure no one felt alone, just like we had. After months of planning, long meetings, and creative groundwork, Riot Media was born. We still are in the growing process and finding new paths that are leading us on an even more exciting and incredible journey. We are hoping that this is just the start, and more specialized philanthropy initiatives are on the horizon.

We chose our name, Riot Media, as a response to our general irritation surrounding current societal structures and recognition that the original pride celebration was actually a riot. Incited by black trans women fighting against police brutality at Stonewall in 1969, it symbolized the true power of the people against an oppressive authority. We wanted a fierce word to describe how fed up we are with all the erasure, inequality, and slaughtering of our community, and riot fit perfectly. We desire to create a space for LGBTQIA+ people to write about queer issues as well as city, regional, national, and global issues. We want to resist the white patriarchal media that always puts a spin on information to cater to their audience. We want to innovate news into a more modern format that is accessible to all. We want to overcome the stereotype that LGBTQIA+ people are solely defined by their labels and that they can write, live, and aspire outside of what is considered the norm for their label. We want to be a resource for the queer community in the way we wish had ten years ago. We want to give a voice to those who have had theirs silenced for too long.

Thank you for being here.


Eyren Jane and Riley Conklin